Finding the Best Blackjack Bonus

For Canadian players who enjoy blackjack over any other game in the casino, unlocking a blackjack bonus and actually meeting the requirements for cashing out any free offer have been difficult, to say the least. However, there are some venues out there who recognize the love of this classic and have therefore created promotions geared strictly towards those who want to play endless hands of 21. Most sites allow players to play using bonus codes, but others don't. Have a fantastic read and find out what sites are free bonus codes friendly and how do they work with no deposit cash, including how to claim them.

What Is It?

When a venue first opens its doors - and even as time goes on - it has to do something in order to keep bringing in new clientele. As such, it will often provide promotions to new customers who are willing to create accounts, make deposits, download software, and more. A blackjack bonus is essentially money that a venue gives to a player who is interested primarily in the game of 21. Of course, the welcome promotion is often the largest but there are regular offers for existing customers on the table here and there, too.

Why Is It So Lucrative?

These venues want to make sure that they can generate new business all the time, so they'll usually advertise an offer like a 200% match up to $2000 to entice new players. However, once people delve into the fine print, they'll notice that there are only certain titles that can be enjoyed with these funds, and there are only certain titles that can be played to clear out any wagering requirements associated with them. Unfortunately, blackjack is usually not an option because those who really know what they are doing can reduce the house's edge significantly and increase the possibility that they will walk away with thousands of dollars of the venue's money.

How the Venue Compensates

If this is the case, then how is it that so many venues out there are able to offer a blackjack bonus these days? Well, the truth is that it all lies in the fine print. These offers are typically much smaller than those associated with slots or the other games in general, and the wagering requirements are often much more difficult to meet. For example, if someone gets a $200 deposit match but must bet 50 times that amount to cash out, then that individual is looking at spending some $10,000 before anything can be withdrawn from the account at all. This is how the venues compensate for promotions geared toward the exciting game of 21.

Beating the Odds

Of course, even with such high wagering requirements, it's possible to get around them. First of all, the venue doesn't care if you are wagering money you deposited or money you've won from the house. All they care about is that you spend a certain amount of money. So, even though players can't really cash out their winnings, they can continue to spend them - and they can continue to clear the requirements as they are winning. This means that people who want to go this route must always be on their game and come prepared with a foolproof strategy.