The biggest and Worst Blackjack Scams in History

Blackjack Scams example of

Strategies, skills and techniques all contribute to winning in the game of 21, however, there are some out there who crosses the threshold and fine line that separates cheating from it, even resulting to become an addition to the list of the most well-known blackjack scams in the history of waging. There are certain benefits to knowing some of the most renowned scams in this category - it may help you identify in the future whether you're being scammed or it may just prove to be an enjoyable fact to read and know. Whatever category you belong to between the two situations, here's some of the most outstanding scams in this game that has etched themselves in history.

During 2002, a treacherous group/team of wagers have entered the gambling world and started a stunning blackjack scams that earned them a grand total of $7 Million. Such feat is undoubtedly astonishing, but what's more is that it started only with false shuffling that grew into something more high-level than you can imagine. The team, with the use of the false shuffling method, were able to deal and make the perfect decision on bets as they know what the cards on the game are. The team used intricate methods to contact each other throughout games, however, sooner or later, other dealers informed FBIs about their engagement which ended up with their arrestment and imprisonment on the year 2007.

Also, who wouldn't know about Richard Marcus, the man who was so famous for being a cheater and a failure as a gambler? This person managed to create a simple, but villainous blackjack scams that managed to get him millions of dollars through the game. It was through a hand trick and illusion of betting only $510 dollars, but making it appear only $15. This way, if he lose, he will only lose $15, but in the case that he wins, he will announce his $510 bet, giving him astronomical wins. This increased his chances of winning lots of money by a wide margin.

There are more iconic scammers out there, but one thing for sure is that though the cheat may work for some time, there will always come a time when it may be discovered.