Discover the Joys of the Bonus Blackjack Game

There is no denying that 21 is probably the most widely-played casino game anywhere in the world, whether you're in Canada, Europe or even the United States. However, the same thing can certainly get boring over time, and that's why developers have created dozens of variants to keep people interested and coming back for more. The Bonus Blackjack game is one such variant that has taken the world by storm and it is available in a free, no download format at spin palace casino.

Standard Rules

According to standard casino rules, individuals are paid out based upon their initial wagers and how they manage to beat the dealer. For instance, with a two-card natural, most people will receive a payout of three to two. If they manage to beat the dealer otherwise, they'll get an even money return. Thus, a player who wagers $25 on a hand and gets a natural would receive a total payoff of $75 - not too shabby!

The Twist

Now, in the Bonus Blackjack game, any bet that an individual makes will only produce a return based upon the first two - and only the first two - cards that are received. This title is played with only two decks so it's fairly simple for individuals to figure their odds, but the payouts have been changed up somewhat to make up for this. Also, there are several 'new' winning combinations that can be seriously beneficial if they are hit.

The Most Money

The highest winnings of all come when someone manages to receive both the Ace and the Jack of Spades as their first two cards, and this returns an astonishing 50 to one. Thus, the same person who wagered $25 above would receive a whopping $1250! Of course, the odds of this occurring are quite small and no one should go into a hand expecting such a reward, but it is always nice when it happens as it can make up for a losing streak almost instantaneously.

Other Things to Consider

There are some other things in the Bonus Blackjack game of which you should be aware. First of all, individuals can receive a special reward if their 'natural' consists of two suited cards such as the Ace and Queen of Hearts. Otherwise, there are a few variations in the rules, too. The dealer must always stand on a 17 and hit on a 16, the player is able to Double Down at any time, and Aces can be split once although a true 'Blackjack' after a split is disregarded. As such, this follows in the footsteps of the title's classic predecessor.

If you like the game of 21 but you're tired of the same old thing happening day in and day out, then Bonus Blackjack is a fantastic alternative that many people are discovering as of late. While the high returns bring with them relatively low odds, the added excitement of the possibility is what really adds to the fun for most. After all, you never know when the Ace and Jack of Spades could turn up as a pair.