The Most Real Blackjack Experience

The live online casino movement is in full swing, and many casinos are jumping on board in order to bring Canadian players what they want the most from their gambling - a fair, realistic casino experience. Blackjack is a game in which the players work against the house to win instead of other players and the low inherent house edge makes it incredibly popular among experienced gamblers as well as novices. The house edge can be reduced dramatically with even the most basic card counting strategies, but online gamblers have known for years that the technology that runs an online casino makes card counting useless.

Live Dealer Games and Card Counting

In a traditional online casino, card counting is a useless strategy because the entire shoe is re-shuffled after each and every hand that is played. This means that even the basic high/low strategy is completely undermined because the exact same cards are in the shoe after every hand. Live dealer games, on the other hand, are played just like the games that take place in casinos. The dealer will normally deal about a third of the way through the shoe - and perhaps even as much as halfway - before re-shuffling the cards and creating a full shoe again. This gives the card counter more advantage in an online game.

How Live Dealer Blackjack Works

Games with a live dealer are a lot like traditional online games in that players will be required to ante up before each hand exactly as they would otherwise. The difference is that the player can view a live feed of a dealer handling a real shoe. All of the cards that are shown to the player are digital versions of the ones provided by the dealer. There are a few other differences as well, including the advanced communication between the player and the dealer and the ability to play a real game without a random number generator.

Blackjack Variations

Live dealer blackjack is not available in as many variations as traditional online games, but Canadian players are sure to find that there are some choices available. Most commonly, casinos will over games that have only slight variations from the norm which include rules regarding late surrenders, splitting, doubling down, standing on 16 or hitting on 17, pay scales and more. Occasionally, players may be able to find something like Double Exposure or Duel 21 in a live dealer game, but this is rare and usually only offered for a limited amount of time.

Choosing a Venue

There are many ways to find a venue that offers live dealer blackjack. Players can simply search the term in their favorite search engines, but this only provides a list of sites that host the game - not reviews of the sites themselves. For better results, it is good to read several reviews about casinos that offer this game. This not only gives information regarding the quality of gameplay, but also about the safety and security that is provided by the venue.