What is a Sit and Go Blackjack Tournament?

Sit and Go blackjack tournaments are quite simple in nature, and this is great news for people who enjoy the setting but who do not have time to play for hours on end in attempt to win the pot. Hands continue to play out one by one, but there is only one winner in the end. There are two primary types: single and multi-table.


While almost every one of these offerings is going to require some kind of entry fee for each of the participants, this is not the case for freerolls. Here, a set number of players are allowed to register and compete against one another for a real-money prize. Now, it should be noted that the prize up for grabs is generally quite small and usually less than $5, but the competitiveness of the game is still present and any funds won can be used to enter other competitions as the user sees fit.

Entry Fees

For the Sit and Go blackjack tournaments that require entry fees, the amount of required payment is going to correspond with the per-hand wagers and top prizes. For instance, if a user is required to pay $5 to enter, he or she can expect low wagers and a top prize of less than $100. However, if someone is asked to pay $100 to enter, then the top prize may be as much as $10,000. Different venues handle this in their own ways, so individuals need to do their research prior to entering.

Single-Table vs. Multi-Table

In either of these cases, the way Sit and Go blackjack tournaments progress remains the same. In a single match, eight or nine players will compete against the house until only one person is left to call the winner. In the case of multiple tables, players will continue to be regrouped as people are eliminated. Again, only the last person will be named the winner, but since there are more initial players, the prize pool is often larger. Of course, this also means that the winner has to beat more people in order to win it, too.


In almost all cases, only the last person remaining receives the prize pool. However, there are some venues - and some situations - in which a group of people will receive a predetermined percentage. This usually occurs in multi-table events, and depending upon the number of individuals who have registered, as few as two or as many as 10 people could receive a portion. In these cases, the top contender may receive 75% of the prize pool while the remaining amount is incrementally divided amongst the other competitors who placed 'in the money'.

21 is one of the most popular games anywhere in the world and while it is usually a competition between one person and the house, Sit and Go blackjack tournaments provide an opportunity to compete with others and truly show skill. They are easy to find and easy to enter, and there are levels out there that will fit just about any budget.